Podcast: My Future Dream Job – ‘Battery Materials Sourcing Engineer’

The need for radically different usage of our planet’s resources has never been so high. There is an increasing demand for electricity in the years to come. We need innovative ways to store that energy to take it out whenever and wherever we need it. 

Professor in nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage, Mark Huijben elaborates on the development of next-level batteries. Not only having optimal performance but also being more sustainable. That begins with the design of a battery. Also, the materials being used make a huge difference in their recyclability. 

Gerwin Hoogsteen, a researcher on energy management for smart grids, surprises us with a creative perspective on energy usage and storage. He takes us to the year 2030 where energy is stored locally, in self-driving cars that drive to places with energy overload and take it to the place where you need it: your home. What hurdles do we need to take to make this a reality?