Delft University of Technology, Prof. dr. ir. Marnix Wagemaker

We participate in BatteryNL because with this consortium we believe we can tackle the fundamental challenges that are necessary to realize safer next-generation batteries with higher energy densities and longer cycle life. BatteryNL will strengthen the Dutch battery research ecosystem, stimulate Dutch battery technology, and train the experts that are required for the energy transition where batteries play a crucial role.

Our expertise lies in the physics, chemistry and material science of batteries, including battery material development and characterization, battery preparation, atomistic and mesoscale modeling, based on extensive experience (>20 years), with a focus on solid state batteries. The TUD battery lab expertise’s/capabilities include

  1. anode/cathode/electrolyte synthesis;
  2. lab cell preparation and testing under variable temperature and pressure;
  3. characterization methods including gas analysis, structural and morphology characterization (X-ray and Neutron diffraction, small angle neutron and X-ray scattering, SEM);
  4. spectroscopic techniques (Raman, solid and liquid state NMR);
  5. computational cluster for atomic scale simulations (DFT) and full electrode/battery modelling (porous theory phase field models).

Employing these expertise’s, we have a long track record in supporting battery technology developers within the Netherlands and abroad.