Durapower Technology Group B.V., Adam Piotrowski

Why do we participate?
As an example of our dedication to crafting custom renewable energy solutions for heavy-duty electric automotive, Durapower was selected by the VDL to power their fleet of buses intended to service over 200,000-strong population of Eindhoven, Netherlands. Since that moment European population of e-buses and hybrid buses using our batteries has grown to over 650 units.

To power the emission-free fleet, Durapower developed a ground-up proof of concept covering every aspect — from custom-fitting battery modules to designing automatic battery charging and swapping stations. This adaptation of Durapower’s battery technologies was made possible through the combined versatility of Durapower’s battery systems and the dedication of our staff to meet our clients’ specific needs.

To date, these buses serve as a vital component of VDL’s regional electrical bus fleet, which is one of the largest in Europe. As a key partner, Durapower continues to work closely with VDL.

Our expertise
Headquartered in Singapore, Durapower offers closed-loop, end-to-end energy storage solutions for the electric mobility and renewable energy applications including on and off-road Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, electric marine vessel and stationary energy storage solutions. Since 2009, Durapower has been a leading innovator of Lithium-Ion cell technology, focusing on the research and development of battery materials, of battery cell manufacturing and system integration. With a global presence spanning over 20 countries and close to 50 cities, including European Countries, China, India and Southeast Asia. Durapower Group strives to make scalable, sustainable batteries that support the circular economy, empowering lives and transforming the future towards a carbon neutral economy.