University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, Prof. dr. Bob van der Zwaan

We participate in BatteryNL because in this consortium we believe that, in order to realize safer next-generation batteries with higher energy densities and longer cycle life, we need to complement technical studies with analyses on the costs of new batteries. BatteryNL will therefore not only strengthen fundamental battery research and stimulate Dutch battery technology, but also advance our techno-economic understanding of the critical role of batteries in the global energy transition.

Our expertise lies in sustainable energy technologies. The energy transition, the climate crisis and other environmental challenges all call for a sustainable society. Chemistry provides new solutions to these problems, with efficient chemical processes and catalysts using earth-abundant, cheap and non-toxic materials, as well as with investigations into chemical recycling and on how materials age and degrade, thereby making the circular society a reality. Our research also provides solutions for the energy transition, such as solar fuels and energy storage in molecules or materials. In addition to molecular scientific approaches, we use integrated assessment models and research the sustainability and techno-economics of energy-related technology, processes and materials. Our research groups are working in concert in all these areas to create tomorrow’s sustainable society.