Shell Global Solutions International B.V., Power Technologies, Nicola Menegazzo

We participate in Battery NL because Shell is an international energy company with a growing power businesses involving renewable, intermittent electricity generation, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and energy storage. The proposed work under BatteryNL aimed at understanding interfacial electrochemical interfaces for next generation batteries is central to successfully increasing electrification through renewables by mitigating intermittency, expanding opportunities for electric mobility as well as enabling new energy services.

Our expertise lies in holding a deep understanding of how energy systems change over time and striving to provide solutions that help our customers decarbonize. Shell’s strong culture of innovation and deep expertise on technology is crucial for developing new routes towards a net zero energy future. Our R&D and technological capacity, customer-perspective, operational experience and market knowledge mean that we are at the forefront of many promising new technologies and opportunities. From battery-backed EV high power chargers, grid-scale batteries supporting a high renewable penetration and up to smart energy solutions that power homes, our expertise in batteries crosses multiple sectors, use-cases and time scales.