LeydenJar, Ashley Cooke, Head of Battery

We are excited to participate in Battery NL because we believe it is vital that Europe strengthens its position in next-generation battery technology as part of the green energy transition. LeydenJar is uniquely positioned to contribute to a step-change in energy density of lithium-ion batteries with its 100% silicon anodes yielding huge decreases to anode thickness and weight, and therefore disruptive improvements to energy density. LeydenJar is looking forward to supporting the most talented members of the Dutch battery community and our European partners to develop a deeper understanding of interfaces in next-generation battery technologies, and to contribute to the electrification of global industries with commercially viable solutions.

Our expertise lies in the development and scale-up of silicon and plasma technologies (with a great and proud history in the Netherlands) to enable the manufacture of unique silicon anode materials. Our innovative technology is poised to overcome the challenges of high-silicon anodes which have hindered its implementation for the last 20 years. Our technology will lead to a 70% increase in energy density (allowing longer run-time for electronic devices and storage systems, or longer distances for electric vehicles) as well as rapid charge times and a lower CO2 footprint in battery manufacturing. In short, LeydenJar aims to reduce range anxiety, reduce charge time, reduce cost of ownership and reduce impact on the environment.